Team InNow.

Each team is a living system that wants to achieve great results. We support teams in their pursuit of realizing their greatest potential

The team can be either executing the manager’s orders or it can be an independent, integrated system, that is able to respond to emerging challenges in a creative way. Each team wants to achieve the best results, and its members want to be part of this work.  Whether the team strives to achieve this goal in a repeatable and continuous manner is influenced by many factors, including the way the entire organization operates, the leader’s leadership style and the “internal drive” of the team. In the Lead InNow program, we accompany teams in development processes, giving the opportunity to look at themselves from inside and outside in a measurable, concrete way. We run team coaching processes and development workshops responding to identified needs.
How are you, Team?
Teams want to look at themselves from the perspective, get to know better its members and their possibilities. When working with them, we choose the best-fitting diagnostic methods. One of them is Team Diagnostic™ based on the methodology of Team Coaching International, a unique way of measuring and presenting the team’s self-esteem as a living system and integral whole. During the workshops, the teams, based on the results of research and new knowledge about themselves, consciously plan changes in the way of cooperation and action.

Team Diagnostic™

How are you perceived by others, Team?
By looking at the relationship that connects it with other key places in the organization, the team can invite representatives of these areas to provide feedback. We support teams in obtaining this information in a measurable, repeatable manner. We select the method of its collection to the needs of the team. The team analyzes this information during a workshop and then verifies its mode of operation.
One of the tools is to test Team 360 View™, based on the Team Coaching International methodology, giving a picture of the team from  outside – from the perspective of those who have contact with the team most often.

Team Diagnostic™

Forward Team!
Even the best teams can strive to be even better. In the team coaching process, they find a wider access to their resources and build a plan to reach for the greatest potential.
In this process, led by experienced team of business coaches, the “team spirit” is released and the level of team energy raised. Achieving great results over a longer period of time and working in a positive attitude are strengthened. The team coaching process consists of a series of activities spread over time and tailored to the needs of a particular team. It gives the opportunity to monitor the progress set by the team and implement them effectively. The habits related to cooperation and the implementation of tasks change. The leader participates in the whole process as a member of the team.