Leadership InNow.

We support our clients in developing leadership based on authenticity and courage. We demonstrate how reaching for your dreams can offer a new perspective on the challenges you face.

In our experience, organisations committed to fully aware leadership can untap a huge reserve of organizational effectiveness. We are convinced that leadership can be taught, which is why we created Lead InNow, a program based on most recent approach – Leadership 4.0. Through workshops and individual sessions, this approach to leadership development brings out the strengths and talents of those looking to grow as leaders. Executives gain self-awareness and an understanding of their business reality, experiencing that true influence comes from acting here and now.
A Team Through Its Leader's Eye
Many managers are curious about how their leadership is perceived within the team. Look at your team as at a living system, instead of a set of individuals and gain a wider perspective on what works, and what doesn’t. Using Team Leader View™ will show executives their influence on their teams, while also giving them a broader, systemic picture. This is often the first step in the process of growing the team and its leader.

Team Leader View™

Leader Development Program
Based on our conversations with leaders, we know executives want to make bold decisions, having an impact on their business and collaborating with their teams. We invite you to our program tailored to meet your specific needs. Individual sessions will guide you toward becoming a stronger leader. “Team Coaching Skills for Management” workshops will allow you to reach higher team goals by promoting greater co-creation, co-responsibility, cooperation and commitment.

Leader in the Changing World
In today’s world, referred to as VUCA (Voletile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous), the pace of changes and their unpredictability evoke high voltage. We hear from leaders that the old ways of operating in business cease to give results, and the new ones are not yet clear.   A two-day workshop based on the latest trends in leadership, communication and working with a team will give you the opportunity to discover a new and effective operation in this world.