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    Program Lead InNow supports leaders who dream about boldly creating their reality in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Looking at what is happening here and now, they consciously take action and flexibly build their path step by step. We support them along this path.





Our program is based on the conviction that employees collaboration, sense of responsibility and engagement on the job can be easily aligned with their personal career and development goals. We have frequently observed that when employees truly believe in their work, the company as a whole sees growth and new opportunities on every organizational level. Program Lead InNow uses the latest leadership development techniques, as well as our exclusive MODEL LEAD INNOW, to instill a deeper management understanding of their company culture and their own strengths and ability to influence change.

About us

Lead InNow is a partnership connecting experienced organisational development practitioners. We work according to our lifestyle and according and our believes – respecting the value and potential of other people. We work with clients who, in response to constantly changing market, want to transition from transactional to transformational management style. Through our actions we strive to make the world a better place.

Katarzyna Tyszko
PCC ICF, CTPC, organizational development advisor.

Katarzyna has been working with leaders and their teams for 20 years. She has managerial and advisory experience from big international corporations. She leads projects that increase the effectiveness, strengthen co-operation and activate the engagement in organizations. In individual development processes, she supports leaders in stepping into their personal inspirational leadership style. Working with teams, she strengthens their productivity and positivity. She is a member of the Team Coaching International team, certifying team coaches in TCI methodology.

Łukasz Dąbrówka
Certified trainer and facilitator (APMG), accredited coach (The Chamber of Coaching), mediator and consultant.

In his work, Łukasz is building on his personal managerial experience. He supports key individuals in organizational change processes, in building co-operation in project teams, internal communication in organizations and in crisis management. He has got work experience  from every type of organizations and he uses it in his work with business (corporations as well as the average and small business), NGOs, as well as with public and local administration.

Monika Jankowska
PCC ICF, CPCC, ORSC-er, coaching supervisor

After 17 years of experience in leadership positions in international corporations, since 2007 she has been supporting organizations as a leadership coach and a team coach. She leads development processes aiming at building the systemic awareness of leaders, strongly concentrating on the impact they intend to have on their teams and organizations. She supports leader in developing their authentic leadership style. In team coaching processes, she builds the teams’ awareness of their strengths and she leads the team members to cooperation based on trust, respect and co-responsibility.

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